Rhythmical Einreibung Specialist Course

The Rhythmical Einreibungen (RE) Specialist Course (Level 2) is an opportunity for Registered Nurses to commit to a path of deepening their understanding and practice of Rhythmical Einreibungen as an Anthroposophic Nurse. In this course all Level 1 content is reviewed and deepened. New theory and practice includes Human Development, RE of the Organs, the Pentagram Treatment, and the application of RE for specific populations and health needs. Students are expected to widen their RE experience by working with patients with a variety of care needs. The Anthroposophic Nursing process is taught and is practiced extensively in order for this to become a working tool. Enrollment in the RES Mentoring Program is required to enter the Specialist courses. Written assignments and oral presentations are on-going requirements throughout the training. RE Specialist Certification is awarded upon successfully passing the written, oral and practical components of the final examination.

Participation in RE Specialist courses are for Registered Nurses only.
RE Foundation Course Certification & teacher recommendation are required.

 Course Theory Practice
RE Part 4: Organ & Pentagram Course
(five-day course)
Planets, Organs & Metals
Pentagram Treatment Review
Adult Learning Process
RE Quality Criteria
RE of the Spleen, Liver, Heart, Kidneys and Bladder
Pentagram Treatment
Review All Part RE
RE Part 5: Pregnancy & Early Childhood
(five-day course)
Human Development, Birth - 21 years
Therapeutic Substances
RE in Pregnancy
RE for Newborns and Children
Review Organ RE of Spleen, Liver, Heart, Kidneys
and Liver
Pentagram Treatment
Review All Part RE
RE Part 6: Specialty Areas; Final Course
(five-day course)
Human Development, 21 - 64+ years
RE Considerations in Elderly, Palliative Care & Dying, Psychiatry, Developmental Disabilities, Cancer, and Specific Illnesses
Post-op and Pre-op Considerations
Therapeutic Substances
Research Methodology
RE Review May Include: 
All Part Einreibung, WBE, Organs, Pentagram Treatment and 
RE in Pregnancy and for Newborns
Certification and Examination
Written & Oral Components
Two Case Presentations
Learning Moment
Practical Examination
Demonstration of the Student's Choice
One Organ RE & One Part RE

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of each course.
Enrollment in the RES Mentoring Program, additional practical and written self-study assignments and a final examination are requirements for Rhythmical Einreibung Specialist (Level 2) Certification.

NAANA & IFAN Certification is awarded to Registered Nurses upon fulfillment of all
Rhythmical Einreibung Specialist Course (Level 2) requirements.

This training overview may evolve at the discretion of the faculty.

Pregnant woman may not be worked on in a training setting.

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